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JP-H02285731-A: Automobile telephone system patent, JP-H02285738-A: Digital video scramble device patent, JP-H02285846-A: Communication equipment patent, JP-H02285913-A: Rubber-molded stress corn patent, JP-H02285918-A: Separator of potential transformer patent, JP-H02286401-A: Mounting construction of wheel cap patent, JP-H02286417-A: Active type suspension patent, JP-H02287149-A: Conductor defect detecting device patent, JP-H02287373-A: Method and device for forming image patent, JP-H0228740-A: Data transfer processor patent, JP-H02289883-A: Fixing device patent, JP-H02289964-A: Cassette type magnetic tape device patent, JP-H02291921-A: Process monitoring apparatus patent, JP-H02292787-A: Open reel built-in cassette patent, JP-H02293334-A: Plunger operating mechanism for glass forming machine patent, JP-H02294205-A: Preventive maintenance system patent, JP-H02294387-A: Ferroelectric liquid crystal composition and optical element patent, JP-H02294451-A: Bearing steel for cold working patent, JP-H02294798-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-H0229483-A: Non-fluffed and moisture-hardening hot melt composition patent, JP-H02295424-A: Block material having attached electrolyte patent, JP-H02295698-A: Method for connecting plate electrode member patent, JP-H02296653-A: Envelope with wavy flap patent, JP-H02297011-A: Alignment method patent, JP-H02297963-A: Converter from optical image information to electrical signal patent, JP-H02298359-A: Foreign matter removing apparatus in grain dryer patent, JP-H02300070-A: Unweaving device for splicer patent, JP-H02301022-A: Actuator patent, JP-H02301373-A: Horizontal deflection width detection circuit patent, JP-H02302076-A: Substrate potential supply circuit patent, JP-H02303494-A: Production of l-lysine-epsilon-peptide patent, JP-H02304717-A: Production of flexible magnetic disk patent, JP-H02304948-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H02305088-A: Update detecting circuit for control code patent, JP-H02310573-A: Transferring electrifier for electrophotographic recorder patent, JP-H02311421-A: Improver for hyperuricemia and food for improvement patent, JP-H0231149-A: Ph sensor for high temperature water patent, JP-H02312432-A: Telephone system patent, JP-H0231257-A: Data saving restoration system patent, JP-H0231388-A: Digital servo device patent, JP-H0231914-A: Heating storeroom utilizing exhaust heat of automobile patent, JP-H0232650-A: Communication adapter control system and the same adapter patent, JP-H0233297-A: Multiplex television signal processor patent, JP-H0233322-A: High strength chitosan fiber and its fabric patent, JP-H023363-A: Mechanical electro-optic sensor patent, JP-H0234015-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-H0234631-A: Thrmotropic liquid crystal polypeptide patent, JP-H0235787-A: Laser oscillator patent, JP-H0236090-A: Detecting device for external part contact patent, JP-H0238155-A: Mirror device for vehicle patent, JP-H0239395-A: Fire receiver patent, JP-H0239920-A: Frame especially for fuselage of aircraft and its production patent, JP-H0240525-A: Reference-function determining method in method for diagnosing rotary machine patent, JP-H0240618-A: Color image forming method patent, JP-H0242671-A: Cartridge holder patent, JP-H024281-A: Magnetic carrier patent, JP-H0243099-A: Polygonal pen patent, JP-H0243482-A: Crime preventing window and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H0243954-A: Method for reactivating spent cracking catalyst composition and method for cracking hydrocarbon feed patent, JP-H0244701-A: Thin film resistor and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H0246159-A: Pump patent, JP-H0246978-A: Hindgas covering method in arc welding and device for performing its method patent, JP-H024701-A: Aquatic organism antifouling agent containing quinone derivative as active ingredient patent, JP-H0247517-A: Chart recorder patent, JP-H024753-A: Nitrile and production of oxide patent, JP-H0247574-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and operation testing method patent, JP-H024827-A: Substituted aromatic polymer patent, JP-H0249124-A: Thermopile patent, JP-H02500632-A: patent, JP-H02501357-A: patent, JP-H02501573-A: patent, JP-H02501743-A: patent, JP-H02502289-A: patent, JP-H02503720-A: patent, JP-H02504097-A: patent, JP-H02504388-A: patent, JP-H025111-A: Device for controlling working state of video display terminal patent, JP-H0251255-A: Metallic multilayer wiring structure patent, JP-H025159-A: Logical integrated circuit patent, JP-H0251840-A: Secondary electron multiplying apparatus patent, JP-H0252397-A: Multiwindow display controller patent, JP-H0253264-A: Synchronizing field detection circuit patent, JP-H0253485-A: Human ski related gene patent, JP-H02540-A: Recording method for image patent, JP-H0254274-A: Electrophotographic recording material containing trisazo dye patent, JP-H0254888-A: Ignition method of arc in dc arc furnace patent, JP-H0254980-A: Integrated type semiconductor laser patent, JP-H0256188-A: Scrambling method and transmission device patent, JP-H0256628-A: Information processor patent, JP-H0257221-A: Crevis tool for vacuum cleaner patent, JP-H0257242-A: Mechanical sector type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus patent, JP-H0257771-A: Setting method for characteristics of motor-driven actuator patent, JP-H0259344-A: Type correction device and decorative rule input patent, JP-H0261044-A: Water-cooled roll for closed hot dipping bath patent, JP-H0261281-A: Window glass panel moving up/down device for automobile patent, JP-H026142-A: Ink jet recorder patent, JP-H0261999-A: Magnetic field generator patent, JP-H0262860-A: Novel nitrogen-containing heterocyclic peroxyacid monopersulfate patent, JP-H0263421-A: Bathtub having human body detecting device patent, JP-H0263471-A: Gas blowing needle with tool port patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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