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CN-1739080-A: Method and apparatus for adjusting the voltage and frequency to minimize power dissipation in a multiprocessor system patent, CN-1739684-A: 一种去除皮肤病的药物 patent, CN-1739773-A: Cholelithiasis treating medicine and its prepn patent, CN-1740352-A: High vacuum in-situ two-step refining process for high purity material patent, CN-1740448-A: Composite reinforcing structure for main arch circle patent, CN-1740782-A: 倾斜入射光散射式硅片表面缺陷检测仪 patent, CN-1741031-A: 手机读写器翻译系统 patent, CN-1741135-A: 磁记录装置 patent, CN-1741770-A: 超声波探头与超声波诊断设备 patent, CN-1742606-A: 草食动物配合饲料及其生产方法 patent, CN-1743774-A: Refrigerator and locking device of refrigerator patent, CN-1743810-A: 资讯意见回报系统及方法 patent, CN-1744090-A: 文件分配表文件系统读写方法及装置 patent, CN-1744717-A: 产生含有二进制图像/音频数据的比特流的装置 patent, CN-1745401-A: Roulette table device with progressive jackpot patent, CN-1745844-A: 一种治疗慢性萎缩性胃炎的中药组合物 patent, CN-1746214-A: 一种阻燃橡胶高温接触装置 patent, CN-1747791-A: Dual chamber dispenser patent, CN-1748393-A: 数据包的发送方法和发送设备 patent, CN-1748830-A: Device for separating impurities from liquids patent, CN-1748837-A: 从半导体制造工艺排出气流中去除毒气组分的设备和方法 patent, CN-1749986-A: Far distance monitoring system for water resource information collection patent, CN-1751300-A: System and method for configuring and deploying input/output cards in a communications environment patent, CN-1752375-A: Floor joint fastening grooving patent, CN-1752464-A: 防止离心泵气蚀和真空形成的海水淡化辅助装置 patent, CN-1752841-A: 投影装置 patent, CN-1753298-A: 一种无刷电机驱动电路 patent, CN-1753576-A: Electrostatic ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic speaker patent, CN-1753642-A: 认证系统 patent, CN-1753915-A: 粉末树脂的精制方法 patent, CN-1754516-A: 具有含有止退机构的多冲程发射的手术钉合器械 patent, CN-1755583-A: Sliding latching mechanism patent, CN-1756769-A: 含有益生的异麦芽-寡糖的谷物组合物及其制造和应用方法 patent, CN-1756960-A: 测试装置以及测试方法 patent, CN-1757429-A: 减少废气中臭氧浓度的方法与装置 patent, CN-1757485-A: Rotation tool patent, CN-1757579-A: 新型悬挂式压电振动料斗 patent, CN-1758910-A: 异喹啉衍生物治疗癌症和map激酶相关疾病的用途 patent, CN-1759424-A: 用于atm交易的电子计算机密码验证系统和方法 patent, CN-1759794-A: Steam pressure sterilization pot patent, CN-1759915-A: Running toy patent, CN-1760626-A: 一种炮弹弹头壳体的制造方法 patent, CN-1761406-A: Comestibles containing isomaltulose and trehalose for sustained carbohydrate energy release and reduced glycemic/insulinemic responses, and for preserving osmolality patent, CN-1761538-A: Pipe cleaning system comprising a safety device patent, CN-1761838-A: 一种光源 patent, CN-1761874-A: Method for controlling a process patent, CN-1762332-A: Temperature-controllable thermotherapeutic embolize micro-sphere and preparation method thereof patent, CN-1762746-A: 可电子控制的阀门装置 patent, CN-1762756-A: 摩托车用车架以及具有该车架的摩托车 patent, CN-1763121-A: Polyester resin and process for its production patent, CN-1763208-A: Separation and extraction method for lignin hydrolyzed by enzyme patent, CN-1763765-A: Method, device and storage medium for detecting face complexion area in image patent, CN-1763797-A: 隧道内大桥上通过车辆和人数的显存方法 patent, CN-1763833-A: Terminal device and information display method patent, CN-1764718-A: 表达典型和变异ibdv株系特异性的病毒中和表位的传染性法氏囊病病毒(i bdv)突变株 patent, CN-1765128-A: 数据处理装置 patent, CN-1765310-A: 伸缩吸尘管与尖吸嘴的柔性连接装置 patent, CN-1767101-A: 一种用于电化学电容器的电解液及其制备方法 patent, CN-1767662-A: 基于宽带网络的流媒体信息检测与内容监控系统 patent, CN-1768731-A: 一种防治乳腺增生的药用乳罩及其制备方法 patent, CN-1768774-A: 一种含有木香油的乳剂及制备方法和用途 patent, CN-1768863-A: Air cleaning member and air conditioner patent, CN-1770088-A: Incremental backup operations in storage networks patent, CN-1770672-A: Space-time block code MT-CDMA system uplink transmitting and receiving method patent, CN-1771132-A: 喷墨头及其制造方法 patent, CN-1771397-A: 离心压缩机及叶轮的制造方法 patent, CN-1771548-A: 继续回放的系统和方法 patent, CN-1772223-A: 治疗阴虚盗汗症的中草药汤剂及制备方法 patent, CN-1772238-A: 一种治疗脚癣的外用药物 patent, CN-1772727-A: N-甘氨酸的合成方法 patent, CN-1772941-A: 耐磨合金 patent, CN-1773408-A: Long- distance monitoring control system patent, CN-1773536-A: Method, equipment and system for generating speech summary patent, CN-1773740-A: Integrated thermoelectric cooling devices and methods for fabricating same patent, CN-1774007-A: 一种通信终端的通信连接设置方法 patent, CN-1774237-A: Angiogenesis promotion by prostaglandin compositions and methods patent, CN-1774242-A: 1α,24(S)-二羟基维生素D patent, CN-1774334-A: 用于泡形包装的覆盖膜 patent, CN-1774506-A: Methods and compositions for use in homologous recombination patent, CN-1774776-A: 包含金属箔上多层结构的钛酸锶钡 patent, CN-1774942-A: Mobile communication terminal and method for providing information of whether an article is genuine or not patent, CN-1774952-A: 终端装置、中心装置、通信系统、终端装置的控制方法、中心装置的控制方法、终端装置控制程序、中心装置控制程序、以及记录了该程序的记录介质 patent, CN-1775379-A: Ultrasonic auxiliary drying method and apparatus for solution filming process patent, CN-1776282-A: Safeguarding device of machine, related to state of it patent, CN-1776502-A: 平面荧光灯以及采用平面荧光灯的液晶显示装置 patent, CN-1776848-A: 电极片和采用它的双电荷层电容器 patent, CN-1777155-A: Instant message filtering method for instant communication system based dialogue start protocol patent, CN-1777171-A: Communication apparatus patent, CN-1777659-A: 喷墨记录用水性颜料分散液、喷墨记录用油墨组合物及其制造方法 patent, CN-1777892-A: Navigating through websites and like information sources patent, CN-1778168-A: 一种牡丹胚离体培养方法 patent, CN-1778636-A: A device for feeding ordered groups of cigarettes patent, CN-1779197-A: Precast member for lightweight concrete board patent, CN-1781079-A: Maintaining entity order with gate managers patent, CN-1781105-A: Retaining hierarchical information in mapping between XML documents and relational data patent, CN-1781672-A: Electric tightening device patent, CN-1781815-A: 用于包含有不同程度粘性的液体物质的瓶子的倾倒流嘴 patent, CN-1782102-A: 一种确定rh精炼过程中吹氧量和冷材加入量的方法 patent, CN-1783110-A: Desk top scanning with hand operation patent, CN-1783166-A: Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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